Andy Barlow
(1964 - 2011)

Andy Barlow
Nickname: Barney

United Kingdom
March 19, 1964

Colorado, United States of America
November 6, 2011

Snowboarding. Riding his Harley. Hanging out with his dogs, and his buddies.
This site is dedicated to our friend Andy Barlow. He was a great buddy, full of humor and life. He will be sadly missed by his family and many friends. He leaves behind his mom Elizabeth, dad Roy, his sister Janet and the rest of his family in England.

He never let anything get him down. He could pick himself up and carry on despite setbacks. His laughter was infectious and his adventures hilarious, memories of which we will cherish forever. To those fortunate to have called him family or friend, his passing is both untimely and heartbreaking. He was simply the best. He loved life, his family, his friends and the USA, the great country that welcomed him and became his home.

Away with us he's going,
The solemn-eyed:
He'll hear no more the lowing
Of the calves on the warm hillside
Or the kettle on the hob
Sing peace into his breast,
Or see the brown mice bob
Round and round the oatmeal chest.
For he comes, the human child,
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping
than he can understand.

(W.B. Yeats)


A tribute to my first and lifetime friend Andy “Barney” Barlow

March 19th 1964 – November 6th 2011

From his friend Ian Bimpson:

The first time I recollect seeing Andy I must have been 4 or 5 years old, we had just moved into a house on the outskirts of Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire. This kid with big curly blonde hair came cockily walking down our street and just joined in with whatever we were doing and that was that, we were pals. He lived across the busy main road, the one I was forbidden to cross and probably so was he for that matter but Andy was always a rule breaker and risk taker…. The worst thing you could tell Andy was what he couldn’t do. I on the other hand was the opposite, together I like to think that Andy drew me into adventures that I wouldn’t have dare tried and I kept him from borstal! (juvenile prison).

We spent most of our childhood getting into mischief, fishing, setting things on fire and generally mucking about together with my brother and our friends on the estate.
Even back then Andy was the fixer, the mechanic, the tinkerer, we used to build what we called trolleys, others called them go-karts, soap box derbies etc. They were basically pram wheels or disused axles nailed to planks of wood with a crude steering mechanism. It was usually half way down one of the local steep streets that we realized brakes might be a good idea and we all have the scars to show it. But that was Andy… We got into the new craze… skateboards… same thing… point it downhill and go… no turns! Eventually you’d either fall off and maybe lose your teeth or level out at the bottom and eventually stop. Andy used this same technique snowboarding 30 years later! As youths it seems we spent a lot of our teenage years hanging around the local bus shelter near Andy’s house on Bolton Rd. Together with our gang we learned how to smoke and once again engage in occasional mischief… Seriously there was not much else to do! We’d fight with each other and against rival gangs, we’ve run away, we’ve fought side by side.

Most of us left school at 16 and ended up with dead end jobs/training schemes or unemployment, those were actually great times as we soon figured out that unemployment benefits paid about the same as being a tea boy. Meanwhile we were legally old enough to ride 50cc motorbikes and the “moped army” was born. Andy of course souped up his bike to go 60mph. A year later we graduated to the much faster 250 cc bikes. We had a blast touring the local pubs that didn’t mind serving under age leather clad punks and rockers. Through the next few years the gang still met up several times a week at the local pub “The Three Pigeons” and went through the typical growing up phases of gaining serious employment, dating, partying, marrying etc.
After a bad period in my life I came out to California to visit my cousin on a “working vacation” I met a girl and got married, Andy soon followed and quickly established his masonry business. Andy was a groomsman at my wedding. My wife Kate could still forgive Barney for anything, he’s in her small stable of lovable rogues. It was at this point that I realized that Andy and I didn’t actually have a lot in common as far as interests go. Our real bond was growing up together all those years… an unspoken bond… we’d gone through so much. If one of us was in trouble… no need to ask.

I loved the guy like an estranged brother but I was more of the jock and music dude following our new hometown sports teams, Andy was still the independent free spirit that found his own set of friends. We’d occasionally run into each other downtown and have a pint together and he’d stop by for a cup of tea. During the nineties he bought a boat and lived on it. He fit in well with the misfits and characters in the harbor. At this time he discovered an aptitude for computers, he seemed to easily understand how this new technology worked, it reminded me of the old Andy, the tinkerer and mechanic. I’m convinced that if he had the right education he would have been a high flying tech’engineer. After complications with the INS he moved out to Colorado, I told him that he was crazy, it wouldn’t work… remember that part about telling him what he couldn’t do! Well he did it! He created a whole new life for himself. Anyone that knows Andy also knows of the setbacks he faced along the way but he always picked himself up and got on with it never seeming to get down.

In his own way I think that though Andy was a true Brit’ he had a very American frontier sensibility, a free independent spirit that needed wide open spaces to do what he wanted without anyone telling him what to do. Colorado seemed to suit him.

Recently, much to my now eternal regret we’d fallen out of touch. My own life had a couple of serious turns as did Andy’s. He was a Facebook communicator. I stubbornly am not. Reading some of his posts I see the love and appreciation of friends as family when you’re a long way from home. We’d gone through this before… long periods without communication… both knowing that eventually we’d get back in touch……

I kind of knew this day would come with Andy, no old age hospital bed for him. He’s speeding down that hill giggling… with no brakes.

So long my friend!

Ian Bimpson.


From the song “Tubthumping”( thanks Val)
“I get knocked down but I get up again..ain’t nothin’ gonna keep me down”

Eh up!

She’s so ugly the tide wouldn’t take ‘er out.

You’d talk a glass eye to sleep.

You’d be bannin’ Christmas f’in crackers next! (after being reprimanded for letting off fireworks in the alley behind the pub on July 4th.)

They can’t stop us laughin’ Eh?

More Barney'isms:

She's got eyes like a bucket of welks!

He's uglier than a bulldog licking pi$$ off a thistle!

He's so tight, he wakes up in the middle of the night to see if he's lost any sleep!

He's so tight, he turns off the gas when he flips the bacon.

He has a face like a bag of spanners!

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Guest Book (41 entries)
Andy and I laid brick together in Colorado. We were partners for awhile. He kept getting better and better at the brick. We had our ups and downs over the years but you could count on him no matter what. He was quiet and didn't talk much, but that was Andy. He showed me how to work these computers, as he was much younger and more experienced. I am forever gratefull for the time we had working together. We both got into Harleys at the same time and I know he enjoyed riding em. Andy, you will be missed. Rest in peace.
Boyd Bartlett (mason buddie)
November 30th, 2011
Andrew is my wife's cousin... He was also my friend. He loved America, and we loved him. His family from Windsor Ontario Canada (Garry, Enid, Paula, Gayle, Karen and myself) are in disbelief still.. RIP Andy
ian birley (my wife's cousin)
November 21st, 2011
Many fun and funny stories to be told, but one obscure thing I remember about Barney is “studges”. This usually occurred at the bus shelter at the top of Hunger Hill. This is a term that was called out when someone was down to their last few puffs of a smoke. If you called “studges”, you were entitled to that last bit of their cig. In this maneuver, timing is everything. Call it too soon, you’re out of the running. Too late? Well, maybe next time. Anyway, as I recall (and sometimes that’s a reach) Barney was the King of this maneuver. I’m not sure if that kid ever bought a pack. I’m pretty sure you quit yonks ago, but patrons of Heaven, you’ve been told.

Ay up kid and King of “Studges“. Rest in Peace. Love, Devi Brennan
Dev Brennan (Friend)
November 17th, 2011
Me and Barny grew up together; fixed cars and bikes, got pissed. He was always the safest rider I ever rode with. As Ian said hanging around the bus shelter brings back great memories, party's at his house and at anybody elses we could crash at. He always made me laugh, I'll never forget you mate RIP
dave (coops) cooper (life long freind)
November 16th, 2011
There is so much I want to say to you and time has run out. I remember when we first met. All the wonderful fun times we had. Endless memories. Jumping of your dock, skinny dipping in the cold night in Redwood City.... Pig roasting parties on 4th of July. Endless nights at the Rose'n Crown. I will be thinking about you every time I am flying down the hill on my board, knowing that you are right there somewhere watching me.
You were always there when I had a bad day/night, no matter what. Always a good spirit, good advice, the perfect listener (even to a wining girl), the simple go-go guy!
When you moved it was a loss, yet it put a smile on my face every time we talked on the phone.
I missed you dearly when you moved, now I will miss you even more!I hope that you are in a better place! Don't forget us all. We won't forget you! Ever - Rest in Peace!
Love Jules

Julia Zimmer-Bell (Friend)
November 12th, 2011
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"hi if anybody wants to ,get in touch david cheers coops"
david cooper
November 25th, 2011
"So many good times and fond memories...we were blessed to have Andy in our lives...I pray for peace for all his family and friends."
Debbie M
November 13th, 2011
"Barny, you always made me laugh. Now I am sad because I miss you. I will miss your random phone calls. I will miss your happiness. I will miss your true friendship. Cheers Jules"
Jules Zimmer-Bell
November 12th, 2011
"Barny, can hardly see through my tears to write this, a truely unforgettable friend, you never failed to keep in touch over all these years. So many great, funny and happy memories of times spent with you in our youth. Unique person xxxx"
Lynn Lawson (Bailey)
November 11th, 2011
"Very impressed to see all the girls in your life old bugger. Also that your tolerance for impossibly hot curries never went away."
ian b
November 10th, 2011
"The world will be a little less mirthful with the loss of Barney. Back in the Rose & Crown days you always felt you had a friend when Barney was in the pub. He was always good for a laugh or good word. you will be missed lad."
James Fablinger
November 10th, 2011
"Andy I had the chance to meet you once,Thanks so much for being such a wonderful friend to my brother Joe Wood.I know you meant the world to him.RIP"
Jessica Wood
November 9th, 2011
"Oh dear friend, RIP. I cherished your smile and your humor. You'll live in my heart forever. Thank you for Blessing my world as you did so cheerfully. I'll see you again someday. As we always said when meeting up at the Hideout, save me a spot."
Jennifer Adams
November 9th, 2011
"Thank you Andy with gracing so many lifes with your presence, you are truely missed and will never be forgotten. Much Love Leah"
Leah Shostrom
November 9th, 2011
"RIP my friend. I will never forget you and I miss you like crazy. Love Always, Carrie aka Miss Perky Ones"
Carrie B
November 9th, 2011


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