Amritanshu Verma
(1986 - 2012)

Amritanshu Verma

March 21, 1986

March 29, 2012

He'd greet me with a smirk each day, wherever our paths would cross in the senior school wing, that would say "I'm going to trouble you today." And quickly follow it up with a genuine smile and brisk away.

Polite, respectful and witty, Amritanshu and I became acquainted towards the last few years of our school life. Two years junior to me, we shared a bond that fellow orators and argumentative 'debators' would understand. Supremely intelligent, level-headed and a powerful voice, he was an asset that any debating group or society would be proud of.

My last meeting with him was almost eight years ago and in the most unexpected manner. As soon as I came out of the holy Vaishnav Devi Mandir, I heard someone call out "Rasleen Didi."

Clad in a white kurta-pajama, it was the same cheerful smile that greeted me. And that image of Amritanshu is what I still remember when I think of him.

The bond that we struck in school got limited to wishing each other on our respective birthdays thereafter. E-friendship via Facebook!! And the time ran out.....

Wish I had made more of an effort to know him after school and see him evolve as a person. Because such people who touch your heart in such a short span of time, are rare to come by.

It was a pleasure knowing you my friend. Hold that smile still buddy till we meet and "argue" again!!

- Rasleen Kaur (Class of 2002)
Amritanshu was a year junior to me in Amity. We weren't really in touch with each other until I relocated to Bangalore last year for work and we connected instantly. This chap was a magnet, could engage in great conversations, make someone's dull day truly happy and yet remain as humble as ever. I still remember when I reached Bangalore, Amritanshu was one of the few people who helped me house hunting and also cheered me up when I got sick of meeting the brokers. I will always remember Amritanshu telling me, "Aditi, why do u always sing slow songs, you should try singing happy fast numbers. While he would always seek suggestions from me on his MBA plans and what specializations to take, I would always discourage him to get into the bandwagon and follow his passion for theatre. With a penchant for acting and a heart of gold, he will always be deeply missed.

- Aditi Asthana (Class of 2003)
An actor… A dreamer… A friend…

I’d heard of him, of course… Almost everyone at Amity knew of this guy with legendary debating skills… The guy who always won every single competition he went to… And then there was theatre… And of course basketball. You could call Amritanshu Verma Amity International School, Noida’s, Golden Boy.

Of course, I met him for the first time at a debate. I was competing in English, him in Hindi. We travelled to the venue in the same van. I hardly spent any time rehearsing because I was in awe of being in his company! Instead I spent most of the ride trying to listen to him as he mumbled through his pointers under his breath. “Sounds decent… But nothing that special!” We got shuttled into different rooms and after hastily running through my argument a couple times and finally spewing it out in front of the audience, I made my way to his room… Which was when I heard his oratory skills for the first time. Emphatic, forcefull without being overbearing, Amritanshu delivered his argument with aplomb. He was everything I had built him up to be.

As luck would have it, soon enough, Amritanshu and I were soon representing Amity together. We would rehearse together with Meera ma’am, whom Amritanshu revered, always insisting that without her help, he would never have made it as debater. When we were not rehearing, we would cordially smile at each other every morning in school… I looked up to my senior, hoping that some day, I would make my school as proud as he does…

For him this wasn’t just an extra curricular activity. He was passionate about it. There was a fire in his eyes every time he had to go up on stage. A master actor, he brought life to every role he played - a student, a colleague, a friend, a son.

He spent most of his time in school either on stage or preparing for it! Sanghamitra ma’am mentioned to me, right after he passed away, “Finding passion and energy like him, in another student is close to impossible…” He went for several plays with Usha ma’am always coming back having won something or the other… As Usha ma’am said it, “He would breathe life into every character he played!” So infectious was his energy, that he ended up befriending the teachers as well.

Right after he graduated Amity, Amritanshu started gearing up to study engineering. He wanted to make his parents proud… But even as he studied hard, he found time to continue living his dream of being on stage and acting. He introduced theatre to his college and signed them up for inter-college festivals where again, he started off a new winning streak. He won himself a scholarship to Anupam Kher’s acting institute in Mumbai where he discovered a whole new dream… Making it big in Mumbai!

People who didn’t know him personally, may have lost ‘just’ a brilliant creative mind… a person with so much energy that he seemed constantly impatient, always ready to do something new, something big. A diamond in the rough.
But people who knew him on a personal note will agree that they’ve lost much more. A friend who promised that he would always be around…who would talk nineteen to a dozen without any break…who would be willing to speak to you late into the night because you were going through a rough patch…

Amritanshu helped me through one of the toughest times of my life. He spoke to me every day just to give me the courage to write my board exams. He was available in the middle of the night when I made frantic calls to him out of nervousness. And he would calmly reassure me, “I’m there, na!”

He would always have a confident smirk on his face. Which would transform into determination every time he was on stage.

Amritanshu and I often argued about who was the better actor… The truth is, you win hands down, Amrit. And I will always be trying to catch up. Throw me down a message when you think I’m doing a half way job, yes?

You were my toughest critic and yet the friend whom I could always rely on. Your energy and passion will always be missed.

-Jaahaan Kaur (Class of 2005)
Extremely talented, fun guy. Unfortunately he left this world for a journey from where he would never return. He passed away on March 29th 2012 at 1.30am. He died in a hit-and-run incident in Bangalore. He was on his two wheeler, wearing a helmet and a speeding car coming from the wrong side and ran him over, killing him on the spot.

He was supposed to visit MICA for his group exercise and personal interview. We used to chat our way to glory in the late nights. I had promised him of showing the campus and the city.

It makes me realize that there is a force darker than faith and stronger than love. It's the force of death. It is cruel and spares no one. Tears you apart, kills you a thousand times before actually killing your soul for the final time.

A friend who dies, it's something of you who dies. Rest In Peace Amritanshu. The world will miss you. God bless you.

"If tears could build a stairway,And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to Heaven And bring you home again."

Sneha Dhakan
March 27, 2012 Tuesday 7:30pm, Mysore

Looking around while enjoying a cup of coffee in a coffee-house is one of the very few things that make me feel at peace. I was doing that a short while back and contemplating what to do in life. U see, everywhere around me people are ever changing, some getting better jobs, some leaving and some simply getting big rocks on their fingers. Not me, i am like that sturdy rock, ever eroding near a stream and unfortunately, always fixed.That scared me a little and i was unable to find peace even in that lounge that day.

March 29th 2012, Thursday 1:45am, Bangalore
One of my close friends breathed his last. He left behind flabbergasted parents, a shocked girlfriend and many grieving friends. What amazed me is that he was in the prime of his health, truly happy and satisfied with how things are finally starting to shape in his life and God plays a cruel joke.We can curse him, but that will not change the facts. Our friend is gone.Forever.

Now you will ask me, what is your point here?

Simply put, we get a thousand mails/articles in office,stating to concentrate on the smaller things in life. How often do we actually do that? This incident changed me. For instance, i no longer feel disatisfied by my salary. That does not mean i am content. It simply means that life, as a whole, is a gift and we should stop silently screaming about the trivial things.

My friend is smiling at me from above.

Trisha Saxena Infosys Colleague
(In memory of Amritanshu Verma.)

Initially, it seems unbelievable. A nasty joke, maybe. Yet you ask around and without realizing it, soon you become bearer of bad news. Things start pouring out of subconscious when you are alone. Just last night you chatted on Facebook. A week before you wished him on his birthday. College memories.

You feel a strange uneasiness. That is fear, perhaps. Fear of uncertainty. You are afraid that it might have happened to you or someone in your family. As the reality finally sinks in, normalcy returns. With time, it becomes part of a hazy past.

How strange it is that death has no profound effect on your life. At once, you become apprehensive but gradually this fear subsides. Soon it seems death never existed. There is something mysterious inside all of us which helps us recover from shocks of untoward incidents. Perhaps, that is life.

For parents who lost their only child, life never remains same. Or for a girl who lost her beloved.

Abhishek Anand
Current mood: sad

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone
It has almost been a month without you and life seems to be all stuck. People come and tell me to move on but I just can't and more because I never want to. I still feel miserable for not calling you that night and telling you for the last time that how important you are for me.

MICA MICA MICA... you were so desperate for it and I'm sure just seeing your passion for Brand Management they would have taken you. I know baby finally it was going all smooth and you were ACTUALLY happy. We can just say that LIFE was unfair for you and it's being unfair for us also. I miss seeing your face, teasing you, pulling your cheeks, coming to office with you, having lunch with you, eating GOLGAPPAS, having dinner with you and calling you 'MOTAAAA'(yeaahhh ok, you are not MOTA). The worst part is that I still have to do these things and that too without you :(

At times I just feel like crying out loud but then your words strike me 'I can never see you crying' and I stop because I can't give you the pain of seeing me crying. You were simply the best thing ever happened to me and I'm sure we would have made it together but God did not want that to happen.

It's just that u left me alone and I'm not going to let you escape so easily....
You used to sing this for me and now I know why:

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she always gone to long anytime she goes away, hay

You will always be missed Mr. Verma and I'm going to live my life twice for you now...

Aeon Love...Shwetima
Life came to halt & our whole world clashed on this day when God snatched you from us. People try to convince us that because of your excellent qualities & being the best son God needed you more than us. You must ask him why he has taken you away 'the only child” leaving us in deep pain grief. We wonder what happened to those tons of blessings & countless good deeds you credited in your account. Is there any answer...

Mummy & Papa, Relatives & Friends from INFOSYS, KIIT, AMITY & Welham Boys School, Dehradun.




Anand Gupta
March 29th, 2019
Anand Gupta
March 29th, 2019
"Love you and Miss you Brother."
Shatadal Mishra
November 27th, 2018
"happy birthday bhai..... 7yrs ho gye bhai.. i miss you soo much aap jahan bhi ho khush rehna you will be in our heart forever.we love you a lot& miss you very much...happy birthday once again. your loving sister tanu."
March 21st, 2018
"Shine on, wherever you are. Miss you tons!"
Shwetima Singh
October 27th, 2017
Anand Gupta
March 29th, 2017
Anand Gupta
March 29th, 2017
Anand Gupta
March 28th, 2015
"I haven't met you, but heard from your mum about you. I hope you and your parents get justice."
Kapila Shrestha
January 5th, 2014
"You have always been an inspiration. I was running through your Nukkad videos, your talent lived a short life. May you rest in peace wherever you are, and may you get justice as soon as possible. Miss you Amri bhaiya."
Nivedita Velagaleti
November 11th, 2013


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